Our Story


CRWN Gems came together with one purpose in mind: to provide ethically and directly sourced gems at unbeatable prices.

In our globalized world, big doesn’t always mean better, and we pride ourselves on working with overseas networks to provide you with quality stones sourced directly from local merchants and family operations. Our primary suppliers are indigenous miners and gem cutters.

You can feel confident that your purchase helps families and individuals from all over the world—not just corporate bank accounts.

The majority of our gems come from Africa, India and Brazil, and we consciously avoid stones from trouble-areas where we cannot ensure the humanitarian nature of their procurement. Most of the stones we sell can be traced to small villages where community members obtain the stones from nearby rivers and sell them at market for proper value. In turn, merchants who purchase these stones market them to cutters in India and Thailand, who supply them to us—and we provide them to you.

From the moment our stones come out of the ground, to the moment the reach you, all of our stones are ethically, directly, and sustainably sourced to meet your high standards.

Only 5% of precious stone vendors in North America source their gems directly from overseas. Due to this, we are able to advertise our stones at significant discounts.

Each of our stones is rigorously inspected for quality assurance and we only permit the most exquisite specimens to be sold under our name. Our company has 10 years experience in buying and selling colored stones and diamonds, and all our gems come with certification and a 100% guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, let us know and we will refund you.

We at CRWN believe that gems are never just objects. All over the world, precious stones are used to mark status, special occasions, adorn great works of art, and inspire with their brilliance. No matter what you do with your gems, they become part of your story.

We at CRWN Gems are privileged to be a part of that.